Greeks Interested for Building of Highway on Corridor 5C

koridor 5cThe Prime Minister of the FBIH Nermin Nikšić was the host today of a meeting at the headquarters of the FBIH Government in Sarajevo. With the presence of the Minister of Communication and Transport of BIH Damir Hadžić and the Federal Minister of Transport and Communication Enver Bijedić, representatives of the Greek Company AKTOR SA expressed interest for the construction of a part of the highway on Corridor 5C.

The FBIH Prime Minister said how road infrastructure is one of the priorities of the FBIH government, which he illustrated with an indication of more than 60 kilometers, which is how much will be built by the end of 2014, the duration of the mandate of this government.

“Since the beginning of intensification of the building of the highway, we have invested more than 1,2 billion KM. We are now interested to continue the construction on the principle of public-private partnerships. From our side, we have created a legal framework that allows a faster construction of the highway on Corridor 5C’’, said Prime Minister Nikšić.

Minister Nikšić also said that the public-private partnership is the most attractive option, in which the FBIH government offers a solution of unresolved property rights, and the partnership invests capital and builds a highway and is used on a concessional basis.

At the proposal of Minister Hadžić, AKTOR SA will deliver a letter of intent to include the project of construction of the remaining sections of Corridor 5C.

The establishment of a joint task force was agreed upon today that would analyze the existing documentation that is based on the construction of a highway, as well as the one that would be advised on by experts from Greek companies, announced the Public Relations Office of the FBIH government.

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