Great Results: Arnaut fifth in the Category “Front Hold”

Arnaut Result nap.baThe strongest man of Bosnia and Herzegovina Adin Arnaut won the amazing fifth place in the finals of the Strongman Champions League 2015 in the category “front hold” which is being held in Antalya, Turkey.

Arnaut will continue the fight with the strongest men in the world today, and he will compete in the categories of pulling a bus, throwing of a ball weighing 10 kilograms, carrying a stone of irregular shape weighing 135 kilograms, carrying sacks of 110 kilograms, and a series of other disciplines.

The popular Strongman Champions League is transmitted by the most famous world TV channels and, according to the statistics, the spectacular weighing of forces between the strongest men on the planet is being watched by more than two billion people annually, and the number is growing continuously.

Thanks to Adin Arnaut, the flag of B&H also waived at this prestigious competition.


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