Great Results of Amina Kajtaz: State Champion in Six Disciplines

Over 300 swimmers from 20 clubs applied for participation at the Summer State Championship that was held in Banja Luka.

Swimming Club Velez from Mostar achieved great results. This club took part at the state championship with 19 swimmers: Amina Kajtaz, Dino Kljako, Asad Buljevic, Dino Dužević, Adel Grebović, Miralem Marić, Danis Alikalfić, Mirza Nuspahic, Dražen Markić, Sarrah Nuspahić, Lana Janković, Mia Ćorić, Nina Čerkić, Mia Dužević, Harun Omanić, Timam Ramić, Benjamin Muratović, Bakir Bajgorić and Omar Zukanović.

Coaches Borut Petric and Adnan Manjura accompanied their swimmers, and from the club stated that the coaches are very satisfied with this championship and 36 medals that their swimmers won, while on the last winter competition they won 25 medals, which clearly shows how much these young athletes were training and working during the whole year.

BH Olympian Amina Kajtaz broke two state records and became a national record holder in a total of six disciplines, which no one else managed before.

Medal winners are: Amina Kajtaz (7 medals, two state records on 50m and 50m back), Omar Zukanović (5 medals), Danis Alikalfić (5 medals), Adel Grebović (4 medals), Timam Ramić (4 medals), Miralem Marić (3 medals), Mia Dužević (2 medals), Asad Buljević (2 medals), Harun Omanić (1 medal), Dino Dužević (1 medal), Dino Kljako (1 medal) and Bakir Bajgorić (1 medal).

(Source: NV)

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