Great Expectations from the Second Generation of BIT Camp fulfilled in the first Week

BIT Camp second generationNewly selected 50 BIT Camp brains, already after the first week of classes, do not hide their delight of the concept, tempo and the amount of knowledge and practical skills they are adopting rapidly through the interactive teaching.

From more than 1400 registered and an exhausting process of selection that consisted of the three phases (online application, a three-hour psychometric test and an interview), the most successful 50 persons ensured their place on the second generation of BIT Camp, educational program for the software development that already became recognizable for its quality and intensity.

Kristina Pupavac from Kozarska Dubica, the participant in the group that follows the curriculum Java Android said about his impressions: “I graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and I had some prior knowledge of programming before, but in a week, we finished a matter of the whole semester. Although I had the support earlier as well, no one has devoted so much attention to me and my work“.

As in the first generation, there are persons with wide range of occupations among participants, but an extraordinary intelligence and expressed motivation is common for all of them. Among them are people from the entire B&H, seniors, students of Economics, Architecture, Law, Electrical engineering, English language, Mathematics, Art teacher, and people with many other orientations who wanted to make a change and try out one of the most prospective activities in B&H.

In the next six months, participants will have an opportunity to learn from not only reputable University professors from this field, but also from experienced software developers who are working in the IT industry for many years.

You can follow all information about the BIT Camp on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/bitcamp.ba.

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