Gratitude for USA for the Significant Role in Assisting B&H Society

SONY DSCThe Chairman of the Council of Ministers Vjekoslav Bevanda received today in a farewell visit the U.S. Ambassador to B&H Patrick Moon.

Bevanda thanked for the friendly relations of many years of United States towards B&H and expressed appreciation for the important role that have United States on assisting  B&H society based on democratic standards, as well as the support that they give to our country on the path to NATO and EU integration.

Ambassador Moon said that B&H will continue to have the support of the U.S.A and stressed that the United States particularly appreciate and give the full support to the Chairman Bevanda and to the Council of Ministers on the process of facing the challenges occurred.

He noted that for the further development of  B&H, it is necessary to reach an agreement regarding to the military property and he stated that B&H would not become a candidate for NATO until this issue is unsolved.

They agreed that in the future B&H should work on removing the obstacles that caused the loss of funds from the IPA funds, which are needed to improve the economic situation.

Talking about the economic situation in B&H, Bevanda informed the Ambassador Moon that B&H will fulfill the IMF requirements and that by the end of the year will adopt the budget at the state level for 2014, as well as the global fiscal framework.

He informed the Ambassador Moon, even with the objectives of the Road map and with the work of the coordination mechanisms which he will present in Brussels from the early September.

Bevanda wished to the Ambassador Moon, success in his future career, and expressed his hopes to continue the successful cooperation of  B&H with the United States of America.

(Source: Fena)

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