GRAS Put into Operation a Tram Dedicated to B&H Football Team

[wzslider]The Sarajevo City Transport Company (GRAS) put into operation today a tram in honor to the B&H football team. The tram, a present by GRAS to the B&H football team departed this morning and is part of the regular traffic today.

Representatives of the B&H Football Association, President Elvedin Begić and General Secretary Jasmin Baković attended the promotion of putting the tram into operation.

‘’We are happy with the move by GRAS, which is participating in the joy in a unique way, not only for the national team but also for the entire country. Because of this, I thank them on behalf of the Association and myself’’, said Begić.

For the achieved success in the recent qualifications and placement at the World Cup Brazil 2014, GRAS employees gathered the funds for supplies through voluntary contributions, and used it to decorate the tram on their own after working hours.

The tram, which is painted over with fan symbols, expresses the support for the B&H team and the Association.

(Source: Fena)

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