‘’Granoff’’ Shirts started Expansion to the Swedish Market

Emir Granov ekapija.baThe BH fashion brand ‘’Granoff’’ specialized for men’s fashion started the expansion to the foreign market, actually to the Western Europe market, and they are present the most on the Swedish market, the founder and owner of the company Granoff Emir Granov confirmed.

They are satisfied with the sales, and in their manufacturing plants for these markets shirts are being made of selected fabrics, more precisely 100% combed cotton which during the processing is obligatory to pass undergo a series of processes such as mercelization, stabilization and sanforization.

What is interesting to point out is that the BH fashion brand Granoff owns its own manufacturing plants for the production of shirts and ties, and therefore they are able to produce the particular products out of serial sizes. They are one of rare producers who do not have a daily production quota, exclusively due to basic priority-the product quality.

Since last year Granoff has been operating in new facilities which are located in the Vogošća Municipality.

‘’New manufacturing plants were made, a building with a factory, warehouses and all other accompanying facilities needed for one factory to operate’’, said Granov, explaining that the construction of a heavy confection factory is planned, where an additional 180 workers are to be employed.

Granov notes that this project is linked to other projects, and that they are at an advanced stage of talks for the equipment and complete technology.

“We have recently returned from the fairs in Frankfurt and Cologne, where we have realized interesting contacts with potential suppliers of equipment and technology, so I hope that we will start with technology in the near future”, said Granov, stating that they are satisfied with the operations and complete moving to new premises, with which new opportunities and new markets have been created.


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