Graduates of the Behram-bey’s Madresah held a solemn Parade

April 12, 2018 12:00 PM

The 342nd generation of students of Behram-bey’s Madresah in Tuzla officially closed another chapter of their lives with the solemn parade through the streets of Tuzla.

With flowers in their hands, the graduates started their solemn parade in front of the Behram-bey’s Madresah in which they spent the past four years, and then they went towards the Portal of the old Madresah at the Square.

A total of 140 young people finalized their high school education by reciting the “Fatiha” and paying tribute to the killed youth on Tuzla Gate on May 25, 1995, and they continued their solemn parade through the streets  of Tuzla towards the Dzindica Mosque.

Behram-bey’s Madresah in Tuzla is known as the oldest educational institution in the north-eastern part of BiH.

It was mentioned for the first time in historical documents in 1626, and it operated until the World War II, when its work was interrupted for several months.

During the break period of 44 years, all written and material traces of the Madresah completely disappeared, and its building, which was located in the center of Tuzla, was demolished back in 1974.

The work of this institution, which has an important role in BiH, was re-established on October 6, 1993, and it has been the best school in the ranks of gymnasiums in Canton Tuzla for the last few years.

Students of Behram-bey’s Madresah achieved great results this  year again, and they won several first places in competitions for high school students in the FBiH.

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