Gradacac to become a Regional Center of Auto Industry

The company TMD Group from Gradacac, which is engaged in the production of parts for the world’s largest companies in the automotive industry, is planning to expand on the market of Croatia and to build a factory for the production of car parts, trucks and work machines in cooperation with its German partner in Babina Greda.

The value of this investment is estimated at about 10 million EUR, and the production will be mutually coordinated between BiH and Croatia.

“They are interested in opening a warehouse for the distribution of their products here, amongst others, special pipes made of steel. One Turkish investor also wants to invest in Babina Greda because they received information that there is already a Turkish investor here, which is the best investment recommendation for them. They are engaged in the production of parts for railway wagons. They have certificates for the production of passenger and freight wagons, but also tanks for the transportation of liquid,” stated the Director of TMD Group, Adem Hanic.

The factory of car parts in Babina Greda will start operating next year and it will employ around 100 workers. The final number of new workplaces will depend on all the companies and Hanic stated that Babina Greda will not be able to provide all the workforce. They are planning to send workers on training sessions to Gradacac, and they will receive technical support there. He stated that he believes that Babina Greda will become an important metal center in Croatia, and car parts for the whole world will be produced there.

Last year, TMD Group recorded an increase of 43 % and they are planning to reach the value of exports of 200 million EUR by 2021. Their complete production is exported, and their largest customer is the famous Schaeffler Group from Germany.

TMD Group employs a total of 671 people in four factories. They are planning other development projects as well, including the production of parts for electric cars in cooperation with Japanese companies.

As previously announced, TMD Group is planning major investments in BiH that will open hundreds of new workplaces.



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