Government of the FBiH announced the Increase of Pensions?

The Government of the FBiH discussed the information on the increase of pensions at its regular session.

As noted, the Management Board of the Federal Institute for Pension and Disability Insurance made a decision on the payment of pension in accordance with the provisions of Article 79 of the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance. According to this decision, all pensions, with the exception of the highest and pensions achieved in the year of 2018, will be increased by 3.5 %.

This decision refers to minimum and guaranteed pensions that were achieved in 2018, which will also be increased by 3.5 %.

Pension beneficiaries, according to the Law on Early Pension Benefits for War Veterans, will be complied next month, with the exception of minimum pension that will be increased by 3.5 %, as announced by the Office for Public Relations of the Government of FBiH.

Besides the increased pensions for the month of April, users will also receive the difference between the pension for March and the increased pension, and the payment will be conducted on Friday, May 4.

The decision on the payment of pensions was adopted because the statistics on the growth of gross domestic product have not been officially published yet.

The total funds needed for the payment of the increased pensions for April and the differences for March, amounted to about 170 million BAM.

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