The Government of FBiH to allocate 22.9 Million BAM for the Sustainable Return

government of FBiHThe Government of FBiH, as proposed by the Federal Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees, adopted a plan for citizens affected by natural disasters in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The ministry will be overseeing the implementation of the adopted plan, which promotes the return of displaced people, as well as the rebuilding, growth, and development of infrastructure necessary for the normalization of life in the affected areas.

The government adopted four resolutions regarding the allocated budget, with allocation criteria stating that most of the budget is intended mainly to support returnees and displaced persons. Total funding amounts to about 22.964.300 BAM.
One of the resolutions, named “Current transfers to individuals – Transfer for displaced persons and returnees“, will provide 16.479.300 BAM in total. The largest portion of these funds – 6.3 million BAM – is intended for two categories: first, the reconstruction and construction of roads, and water and sewer system infrastructure; second, the reconstruction and construction of objects of religious, sacred, educational, sport and cultural significance, as well as other objects significant to the wider community.

Also included in the program is: the renovation of any buildings that suffered damage from natural disasters, assistance offered for employment – through the development of small and medium size businesses – and agricultural activities (commercial and non-commercial). 5.100.000 BAM is intended for the reconstruction and renovation of individual residential units, common facilities, and social-type housing.

Any remaining funds will be used for: joint projects regarding reconstruction, renovation, and sustainability of return; humanitarian, health, psychosocial and educational projects; the support of marking anniversaries and burials of innocent war victims and constructing memorials throughout BH; to fund development projects of inter-provincial cooperation between the two state entities.

2 million BAM is being assigned to the return of refugees and exiled persons from the area of Posavina in RS. Of the 2 million BAM, 1.5 million BAM will be provided for the renovation and construction of infrastructural projects, and other objects significant to the community, while 500.000 BAM will be provided for the reconstruction and renovation of individual residential units, social-type housing units, and emergency natural disaster relief.

A third resolution is meant for the support of sustainable return of refugees and the exiled from the region of Srebrenica. Total proceeds for the Srebrenica program amount to 1.485.000 BAM.

(Source: klix.ba/ Photo: bportal.ba)

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