Government to repair the Consequences of Fires in Sarajevo

At an emergency session held yesterday, the Government of the Sarajevo Canton passed a conclusion on measures to repair the consequences of the fire in the settlement of Buca Potok.

The Ministry of Finance of Canton Sarajevo is in charge of enabling the spending of the current reserve of the Budget of CS, in order to help repair the damage caused by this fire.

The Ministry of Education of CS is in charge of providing the necessary textbooks and school supplies for all school children of families who were left without their homes in the fire, for the school year 2021/22, in cooperation with partners.

This ministry will also provide one-time intervention assistance in the amount of 400.00 BAM per child from the mentioned families, to cover the highest priority needs of children and students.

The government also instructed the Cantonal Civil Protection Administration to make available its capacities for taking care of families who were left without their homes in this fire.

A coordinator has been appointed to coordinate activities to repair the consequences of this fire with the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo.

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