Government Ministers of Zenica-Doboj Canton Support the Foundation in Visoko

piramida suncaToday, government ministers of Zenica-Doboj Canton, Bojan Bošnjak, Minister of Agriculture,Forestry and Water Management, and Edin Terzić , the Minister of Spatial Planning, Transport and communications and environmental protection visited  the FoundationArchaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid Sun“, as well as archaeological sites around Visoko.

After sightseeing and visiting the prehistoric tunnels Ravne, the ministers along with Semir Osmanagić visited laboratories of Foundation in Visoko, where the guests got to know the machining process of archaeological artifacts from the manager Timothy Moon.

“In relation to the previous year the locations today look much nicer and coherent, and enhanced the intensity of work makes me very happy. I am glad that this story is developing and we will continue the already existing good cooperation. It is necessary to consolidate all these positive things and our beautiful B&H to present in the best light”, said Minister Bošnjak.

The Foundation has always had very good cooperation with all governments of  Zenica-Doboj Canton, and since it is planned that study in Visoko to last for years, it is necessary to continue and enhance the current cooperation.

“Semiris a pioneer of this business, in the discovery of new facts, new possible reasons, ways of  thinking and our history. His work provokes controversy, and I personally think this is a great job that we shall support, and everything that is being done and that is published in the world is very important for the promotion of B&H. I wish to the entire team of the Foundation every success and we will help as much as we cant his project”, said Terzić.

 (Source: Dnevni avaz)

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