The Government is investing 2 million BM in Reconstruction of the Oil Terminal in Ploce

The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) today was briefed on the state of Naftni terminali Federacije d.o.o. Ploče and assigned to the management of the company Operator – Terminali Federacije d.o.o.o Sarajevo and Naftni terminali Federacije d.o.o. Ploce to deliver a complete information regarding the status of the registration process of the property of Naftni terminali Federacije d.o.o. Ploce.

The two management teams are obligated to intensify activities towards solving property and legal relations, namely the registering of the property of these two terminals for liquid fuels in Ploče.

The Government consented to the initiative of Operatori – Terminali Federacije about investing in the Naftni terminali Federacije in the amount of two million BAM for the first phase of reconstruction of the terminals for liquid fuels in Ploče with the aim of increasing the capital of NTF Ploče.

The management of Naftni terminali Federacije was assigned to, by way of Operator – Terminali Federacije, to the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry delivers precise specifications and dynamic of the planned spending of the funds.

The Federal Government consented to the allocation of two million BAM from the Special Fund of the Development Bank of FBiH.

The Government obligated the two managements to conduct all necessary activities (a reconstruction plan, etc.) necessary for the safe and normal functioning of NTF d.o.o. Ploce including technical remediation in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union.



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