Government of Federation of B&H gave Approval for Building Three Wind Farms

vjetroelektraneGovernment of Federation of B&H gave preliminary consent for issuing permits to several companies to the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry during the meeting held in Mostar on Wednesday.

Approval for building of wind farm “Podveležje” with capacity of 48 MW was given to JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. Sarajevo. 119.8 GWh of electric energy annually is planned to be produced in this wind farm which is going to be located at Podveležje in Mostar.

Second approval was given for issuing permit to KONCIG d.o.o. Posušje, for building “Debelo brdo” wind farm at Debelo brdo, on the area of municipality Kupres, with capacity of 54 MW (18×3 MW), and planned annual production of 120 to 150 GWh of electric energy.

Third approval was given to F. L. Wind d.o.o Tomislavgrad, for building “Jelovača” wind farm on municipality Tomislavgrad, with installed capacity of 36 MW (18×2 MW), and planned annual production of 85.68 GWh of electric energy.

Government of Federation of B&H will inform the Parliament of the Federation of B&H about these activities and ask for approval in order to allow Ministry to issue permits to companies for building wind farms. After obtaining the approvals by Government of Federation B&H, Ministry will start with activities required by Regulation on the procedure, criteria, form and content requirements for energy permit for issuing the permits for building the new and reconstructing current production facilities.


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