The Government of FBiH to subsidize Airports with 7 million BAM

The Government of FBiH adopted three decisions among which are the one related to subsidies to airports in the amount of 7 million BAM.

They noted that by the Decision on the adoption of program for expenditure of funds, a total of 4.000.000 BAM was allocated for PE Airport of Bihac, instead of 2.000.000 BAM. Additional resources are planned for the expropriation of real estate – for the expansion of the runway.

“For PE Airport Tuzla was allocated 3,570,000 BAM instead of 1.570.000 BAM, while additional funds will be used for capital investments for the reconstruction and upgrade of the passenger terminal – Phase 2 – 1.154.580 BAM, for the construction of a customs warehouse for aviation fuel – 269,000 BAM, and for the procurement of airport equipment, a tractor with mower and snowmobiles – 576,420 BAM,” as noted in the statement.

They added that 3.570.000 BAM was allocated for PE Airport Mostar, instead of the previously determined 1.570.000 BAM, for the upgrade of air transportation.

“For subsidizing the launch of a new regular airline that would connect the Airport Mostar with the International Airport Zagreb, which represents an important traffic junction, is planned additional 1,000,000 BAM,” as announced by the Government of the FBiH.

Subsidization of the launch of this line is based exclusively on covering the cost of the airline with the aim of its profitability and continuity.

(Source: klix.ba)

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