The Government of FBiH: Foreign Debt decreased by 247 Million BAM

The Government of FBiH adopted information from the Ministry of Finance of FBiH in which was stated that the total debt of the FBiH (both internal and external) amounted to 5.782.906.035 BAM on September 30, 2017, and it represents a decrease by 247.676.168 BAM in comparison to the previous quarter.

External debt amounted to a total of 4.885.652.167 BAM or 2.949.131.506 USD in the third quarter of this year. The nominal amount of debt, converted into BAM, was decreased by 51,295,106 BAM or 1.03 % in comparison to the previous quarter.

External debt was largely contracted with bilateral and multilateral financial institutions, and with the aim of securing funds for large infrastructure projects and for the support of the budget. Therefore, a total of 3,738,348,629 BAM or 76.52 % of the total external debt of FBiH was realized through multilateral financial institutions, while the remaining 1.147.303.538 BAM or 23.48 % refers to indebtedness to bilateral creditors.

The FBiH has the largest external loans at WB (IDA and IBRD) in the amount of 1.638.967.759 BAM or 33,55 %, the EIB 880.042.611 BAM or 18,01 %, the IMF 468.172.903 BAM or 9,58 %, the EBRD 437.174.143 BAM or 8,95 %, the Government of the Kingdom of Spain 138.599.897 BAM or 2,84 % and the European Commission 132.996.441 BAM or 2,72 %. The remaining 12.35 % represents the rest of the debt to other creditors (the Government of Japan, the Government of the Kingdom of Belgium, Export-Import Bank of Korea and others).

The inherited “old” debt (a debt that was assigned to BiH by succession, whose users were from the territory of FBiH or as an unallocated debt on the key of IMF that was allocated to the FBiH) to the Paris and London Club of creditors as well as the consolidated debt to the WB IBRD, amounts to a total amount of 752,810,838 BAM or 15.41 % (Paris Club 9.57 %, London Club 2.41 %, and IBRD consolidated loans 3.43 %).

(Source: akta.ba)



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