The Government of the FBiH to allocate 16 million BAM for Employment Measures?

July 1, 2017 7:00 AM

Government FB&H Session yesterday’s session, the Government of FBiH presented the statement on initiatives for amendment of the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Early Favorable Retirement of Defenders of the Defense-Liberation War.

They also discussed the initiative on the amendment of the Law on Restitution, Sale, and Return of Apartments. The agenda also included the Decision of the Management Board of the Federal Employment Service of Sarajevo on redistribution of part of the funds from the Development Bank of the FBiH in the amount of 16,000,000 BAM, exclusively for the realization of regular measures of active employment policy (co-financing of employment, self-employment and training of unemployed persons).

Among others, the Government of the FBiH yesterday discussed the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Financial Consolidation of Business Companies in the FBiH as well.

They also discussed the Draft of the Program of Public Investment of the FBiH for the period 2018-2020, as well as information on the effects of joint procurement for the needs of the Ministry of Justice and criminal correctional facilities of FBiH, in which was stated that they managed to save a total of 5,932,226.58 BAM in the preliminary stage with the application of innovated open joint procurement procedure.

On the agenda of the Government of FBiH was a decision on the use of the Jasenica farm, which occupies the surface of 37,617 square meters together with its associated facilities, and Defensive Agricultural Cooperative “Maslina” Citluk for the cultivation of agricultural cultures.



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