Goražde Industrial Zone “Vitkovići” Grew Into A Modern Commercial Center

gorazdeWorks on the water supply network in the industrial zone “Vitkovići” in Goražde, worth around 50.000 KM, is near the end, and works are part of a project of support to foreign investors in order to facilitate the business in their facilities in this municipality.

On this occasion, Mayor of Goražde Muhamed Ramović organized a reception on 15 August for the director of the company “Emka” Joaquin Wolf. This German company, together with ‘Bekto Preciso”, “Prevent”, Ginex” and others, is the backbone of economic development of this municipality and already employs 200 people. During a meeting in May in Germany, they spoke of the construction of new factories in the industrial zone Vitkovići and an increase in the number of employees to around 500. Now works are already underway, so that the new industrial zones already have the form of a modern European economic center.

Wolf said he was satisfied with the cooperation of his company with this municipality. He thanked the efforts of local authorities to facilitate investors and their attempts to start up a business and create new jobs.


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