Gorazde is Example of Successfull Realization of Projects

djapoDuring the visit to BPC, Federal Minister for Environment and Tourism Edita Djapo talked about the current projects in the field of energy efficiency with cantonal officials, and special attention, as announced, will be dedicated to the improvement of tourism. They presented plans in this area, which will require the support of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, as well as other, higher levels of government.

Djapo assessed that Gorazde is a great example of realization of projects in the field of energy efficiency, which is largely supported by the UNDP through its programs. In fact, warm facades on several schools and police stations in the BPK have already been made.

“These projects are usually financed through the Fund for Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Physical Planning of FBiH. These projects are open throughout the year, so if there are some institutions that need to get warmer, I already told ministers that they can always apply,” said Djapo.

Special attention is paid on the project implemented at the facility of high schools “Dzemal Bijedic” which she also visited. Minister of FBiH visited the tourist complex Bijele vode and emphasized that BPC has many natural beauties that are particularly suitable for the development of hunting tourism, as well as the potential of Drina River and the possibility of rafting.

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