Gorazde: Construction of one of the Largest Solar Power Plant in the Balkans

gorazde2After investing almost half a million BAM for the construction of the first solar power plant in the village Bujaci near Gorazde, businessman Azem Bujak, who is originating from this area, started to implement another much larger project only a kilometer away from the first power plant.

The construction of a new solar power plant on an area of 11,000 m2 started in the village Resetnica near Gorazde a month ago, and it will be one of the largest solar power plant in the Balkans for sure.

The value of the investment is almost 3 million BAM, and they are expecting to complete the entire project by the middle of next year.

Thus village Resetnica near Gorazde became the largest construction site in the Bosnia-Podrinje Canton (BPK) Gorazde.

The importance of this investment, among others, is the fact that this way Gorazde became one of the rare B&H cities that are using solar panels in the production of electricity for households.

The realization of this kind of project is of great importance for the local community, primarily due to the fact that this is a renewable energy and that the plant will produce more than one million kWh of electricity every year.


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