Goran Milc held a Lecture to Students in Sarajevo

goran milicOne of the most prominent and famous journalists in the region, Goran Milic, held a lecture yesterday a t the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo on the theme “How to be successful?“.

He spoke to a large number of students, at the interesting and easy way, about successful people he met while filing Al Jazeera‘s cycle Alchemy of Balkans.

He emphasized that nowadays, specialization of professions is very rare and that people with good ideas succeed in various sectors.

He told that, when filming Alchemy of Balkans in Croatia, met a young man who wanted to enter Directing studies, and his father bought him a studio with complete equipment for filming, but he was not accepted and started with Management studies. He started with the cultivation of ducks, in a place Donja Pacetina.

“He liked it very much, he started to like his job, made a big farm and today, he earns 200 Euros daily“, adding that a diploma, in his case, is just a social recognition.

Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the University in Sarajevo, Zeljko Sain, said to reports that lectures of successful people are tradition of the Faculty of economics, and that its aim is to pass their experience to students and employees.

He emphasized that the faculty is constantly trying to offer something new, something different to its students and is constantly working on its improvement.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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