Goran Bregovic to hold Concert in Romania soon

Goran Bregovic, the recording artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, will perform on April 2 in Bucharest, alongside a symphony orchestra of 42 artists, 3 violinists and a six-people choir. The concert will take place at Sala Palatului.

A well-known performer of Balkan music, Bregovic was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia. He started playing music when he was a teenager, in a bar in the town of Konjic. In 1971, together with artist Zoran Redzia, he started playing in the band Jutro (Good morning). The group, which became very successful, changed its name to Bijelo Dugme (The White Button) in 1974.

After Bijelo Dugme split up, he started to compose music for films. His film scores include three of Emir Kusturica’s films: Time of the Gypsies, Arizona Dream, and Underground.

He also composed for singers such as Sezen Aksu, Kayah, Iggy Pop, Šaban Bajramović, George Dalaras and Cesária Évora.

Bregovic’s latest album is Three Letters from Sarajevo. It was presented in Bucharest last year, on the occasion of two concerts.

Tickets for the upcoming performance are priced between RON 140 (EUR 29) and RON 320 (EUR 67). They can be purchased at and the network.

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