Good Winter Season at Blidinje, Summer Season expected to be even better

Director of the Park of Nature Blidinje, Zdravko Kutle, stated that the winter season on Blidinje is very good, but he noted that they have even higher expectations when it comes to the summer season, considering the large change in their tourist offer.

He added that, in co-operation with international organizations, they are planning cycling and horse races, the opening of info stand, as well as the opening of a shop with domestic products.

According to him, it is hard to find a place in the “Hajducke vrleti” on Blidinje on weekends if you have not already booked one, which is a significant change in comparison to before, and this was largely contributed by international organizations after the process of branding of Dinarides, as well as Blidinje.

“We are currently conducting preparations with the aim for Blidinje to be one of the great summer destinations, which will provide healthcare services as well. We are also planning to make an antiallergic program for children who suffer from allergies,” stated Kutle.

When it comes to infrastructure, Kutle stated that 1200 meters of road from Tomislavgrad to Blidinje will be asphalted in the spring.

“There was an agreement on the road from the direction of Mostar as well, so I do not think that there will be any macadam roads anymore,” concluded Kutle.






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