Good People raised Money in One Day for Two Girls

Bosnians and Herzegovinians have shown once again that they are people with big hearts.

After the association "Pomozi.ba" published an appeal to raise money for two girls, Lejla and Fatima, in order to keep the roof over their heads, the required amount was collected in 24 hours.

“Their father was an alcoholic and a drug addict, and such a way of life led him to commit suicide. As cruel as it sounded, after his death the girls were at least a little relieved because there was no one to harass them anymore. However, the problems continued. Before his death, their father took out a bank loan, which he spent on gambling, alcohol and drugs during his lifetime. He did not repay the loan and now they have received a court decision stating that if they do not repay the debt in the amount of 7,179.64 BAM within 30 days, the house will go to auction and they will stay on the street with their mother. Lejla, Fatima and their mother Nedžada live on social assistance, which amounts to only 170 BAM per month. In the last few months, a part of the amount, more precisely 100 BAM was given by Nedžad's mother for the debt, and three of them somehow survived with 70 BAM per month. Nedzad's mother has a greenhouse, so she earns extra money that way. However, that is not enough to repay the debt,” it was written in the first announcement of the association "Pomozi.ba".

The wonderful news was announced yesterday, and that is that the money has been collected and the debt paid off. 

“The contract was signed by their mother Nedžada. Debt settlement funds were collected in less than 24 hours. Thank you all for the donations that made it possible for two adorable little girls not to be left without their home. The action is still going on, and the funds that will be collected in the continuation will be spent on improving the living conditions of Lejla and Fatima,” they said from "Pomozi.ba".

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