Good People helped Bosnian to get Roof over His Head


Former veteran Mustafa Pasalic Paso and his family will be able to fall asleep tonight in their home without fear of rain or snow.

His house in Pasalici at the entrance to Gracanica last Tuesday was burnes, and Gracanica City Administration, knowing of Pasa’s difficult life, promised that the family will get a new roof in a few days.

Entrepreneur Senad Halidovic, owner of the company Halidovic from Pribava, also donated roof material and tile, and the roof was completed in two days.

He could not have hoped that his agony would end so quickly.

“Thank you Municipality, thank you Senad Halidovic, all good people. Thank God, it gave me a good weather so there was no rain or other precipitation these days. We were sheltered in two rooms, and tonight we can fall asleep without worry,” said Mustafa Pasalic, Avaz news portal reports.



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