Good News: Trucks at Croatian and Bosnian Border will no longer wait


The Croatian National Civil Protection Headquarters has decided that no police escorts will be available for trucks arriving in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 6pm on Sunday, Fahrudin Radoncic, Bosnian Minister of Security, posted on Instagram. This is something we were hoping for and have been working on patiently.

To clarify, until now, at the entrance to that country from the direction of Slovenia, the Republic of Croatia first formed trucks in a column, which was then followed in three directions: towards the border crossings of Bosanska Gradiska, Bijaca and Samac, news portal reports.

Now they stop, and our trucks will no longer have to wait for hours to form columns but will be able to leave immediately.

They also have the ability to refuel at specific locations. Another problem arose from making convoys.  The trucks were all coming to our border at one time and that is why we had cyclical and big crowds.

Now they will be coming individually and this will be a relief for our Border Police. Not to mention the relief for our truck drivers and other motor vehicles. “I am grateful to the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Minister of the Interior, Davor Bozinovic, with whom we, in the most difficult times, cooperate remarkably,” Radoncic wrote.



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