Good News: Ski Season at Blidinje could begin soon


The ski season at Blidinje could begin the earliest at the end of December this year, as there has been no great rainfall so far.

According to Ivica Reza, who runs the ski resort within the Risovac Ski Center, there will be a number of interesting things to do in Blidinje this year, regardless of the weather.

“Last year we had skiing in mid-December, this year will not be like this, so far there was only one smaller amount of snow in Blidinje, we expect newer amounts of snow in the second half of December,” Rezo told Fena News Agency.

He added that they expect a lot of people at this year’s Winter Fest, which will last three nights, from December 30 until January 1.

The end of this year and the beginning of next year’s Winter Fest will also feature some interesting local and regional performers.

He added that the accommodation facilities were mostly full.

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