Good News: Better Air Quality in Sarajevo this Morning

The air quality index in Sarajevo this morning was characterized as “unhealthy for sensitive categories”.

The measuring stations in Sarajevo show that the Air Quality Index was close to 100 Air Quality Index at 7 am Sunday morning.

The air quality index was worst in Bjelave, then in Ilidza, Otoka and near the US Embassy. The daily average of floating particles was smaller than 10 micrometers (PM10) and was the worst on the islands – 81.29 and exceeded the tolerant value.

It is recommended for persons suffering from respiratory and heart disease, pregnant women, children and older to decrease they stay.

Canton Sarajevo has a network of four measuring stations in Ilidža, Otoka, City Hall and Ilijaš and two stations owned by the Federal Hydrometerological Institute (FHMZ) (Bjelave and Ivan-Sedlo) and plans to set up another station by the end of the year, which will measure the PM1 fractions; 2.5, 4 and total dust.

Earlier, the capital Sarajevo has been shrouded in heavy air pollution since last Saturday evening, with the daily averages of polluted particles 4-5 times more than prescribed values.

Most concentration of floating particles was recorded in Sarajevo centre, measuring 269 micrograms per cubic metre, considering that the prescribed values are 50 micrograms per cubic metre.

The air quality index was “very unhealthy” since Saturday evening, with measuring station in Sarajevo city centre recording a value of 6.5 milligrams of carbon monoxide, with prescribed value of 5, FHMZ explained in its report.


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