Good Cooperation with China of Great Importance for BiH

komšić i kinaChairman of the Presidency of BiH received today a visit from the new Ambassador of China Dong Chunfeng, to whom he wished a warm welcome to our country.

Komsić said that for BiH it is extremely important to have good cooperation with China, especially when the good political relations may flow in good business opportunities.

The Ambassador of China thanked him for the warm welcome and expressed the support of China to the economic development in BiH, in particular in the field of energy and infrastructure.

Komsić thanked him for the interest that business people of China show for BiH and for the support in development projects, such as thermal ‘Stanari’.

They reaffirmed their commitment to the fundamental principles of bilateral relations between the two countries, and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of BiH, as well as the” One China”, announced by the Presidency of BiH.


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