Golf 1, produced in Sarajevo, in the Volkswagen Museum

TAS golfVolkswagen Museum in Wolfsburg become richer for one precious vehicle, German media reports.

That precious vehicle is the first generation Volkswagen Golf, manufactured in Car Factory Sarajevo (TAS), and brought to Wolfsburg personally by the owner – Ernest Jovic from Sarajevo.

In addition, Jovic handed the original invoice in the amount of 12,654 German marks. This represents the amount paid by his father when he bought the car in 1982 from the factory in Vogosca in Sarajevo.

The representatives of Volkswagen did not hide their delight while receiving the gifts.

A board member, Eberhard Kittler, proudly showed the original invoice, and among the guests invited at the ceremony were Dr. Carl Horst Hahn, the former CEO of Volkswagen and Wendelin Göbel, the Secretary General of the Board of Directors.

(Source: radiosarajevo/ photo: automuseum.volkswagen)

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