Gold Medal for BH Invention of construction Materials made of Waste

Armina MackovicThere are many successes that citizens of BiH achieved all over the world, and one of the recent ones was recorded these days by Master of Technological Sciences from Maglaj Armina Mackovic at the Second Exhibition of Inventions that was held in Istanbul.

She won the gold medal at this exhibition, thanks to the introduction of new construction materials and blocks that are faster and easier to build with.

The blocks are made on special presses, at which can be made only these blocks, and Mackovic invented the press and applied for its protection on the Institute for Intellectual Property of BiH.

Since there is too much paper waste in Maglaj, Mackovic was searching and found a solution for recycling and conversion of polluting waste into a useful product.

“If a total of 380 innovations, which is the number of inventions that the Association of Innovators of BiH collected from its members and promoted worldwide in the period 1995-2017, would be treated as 380 potential development projects, then there would be a lot more foreign investors in the economy of BiH,” as stated from this association.

Innovation “machine for cooling, balancing and damping of weapons,” by Ph.D. Fikret Alic, in Tuzla was awarded with a bronze medal, while the bronze medal was also awarded to the innovation of Jelenko Markovic from Teslic, which is intended for beekeepers, or for the protection of hives from insects and rodents, as announced by the Association of Innovators of BiH.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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