Gold Award for Students from Bosnia who invented Medicine for Pneumonia

Fourth grade students of Richmond Park International High School Tuzla, Azra Ibrahimagic and Adna Ibrahimovic, recently won a gold medal at the international project competition called I2ASPO 2020 (INDONESIA INTERNATIONAL APPLIED SCIENCE PROJECT OLYMPIAD), held in Jakarta, Indonesia, under the auspices of the Association IYSA (Indonesian Young Scientist Association).

The students presented their project called “Plan (t) to Cure”, under the mentorship of Professor Dina Mehanović Hulusic.

Through the presented project, they researched in detail an alternative herbal medicine for the treatment of pneumonia, by testing extracts of various plants for bacteria and viruses.

The aim of the project was, among other things, to find a mild and affordable drug for the treatment of pneumonia, the discovery of which will reduce the use of antibiotics and thus put into use a drug that has no side effects and positively affects the human body as a whole. The project proved to be extremely successful, which was recognized by the international commission, which awarded the students first place, Radio Sarajevo writes.

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