Glamorous Red Carpet Party “Story Hall of Fame” to take place in Sarajevo

The celebration of the 16th birthday of the most influential celebrity magazine STORY, will take place on Thursday, August 9, 2018, at 8:00 p.m. in the garden of the National Museum of BiH.

It was created as an upgrade to Story’s Celebrities Only party, and after a four-year break, the Story Hall of Fame had its first edition in 2014 at the Lauba in Zagreb, the house of art and people. The first Hall of Fame awards were awarded for the first time back then, and thus the first 22 celebrities were accepted in Story’s House.

After 16 years long presence on the market of BiH, Story will prepare great thematic celebration of the event for the first time – the Story Urban Jungle. It will be very interesting to see whose styling is in accordance with this year’s party theme.

Besides great time and a wonderful ambience, Story will award the Hall of Fame awards to the best BH actors, singers and TV stars, and Story’s Hall of Fame will get 10 new members who will take home the original statue, a work of contemporary artist Ivan Fijolic.

“We will award prizes to the famous BH actors, singers, TV hosts, designers, directors, athletes and many others on an extraordinary party in the National Museum of BiH… We are coming to Sarajevo, the city with the greatest heart in this region, with the wish to give the recognition to the people that we have been admiring for years and also to have a great fun together. Knowing the heart and soul of Sarajevo, this will be the beginning of a new and beautiful tradition,” said Zrinka Ferina, the Editor-in-chief of Story magazine.

Our celebrities are already preparing for the most glamorous party of the year, especially the famous ladies who have already chosen creations for Story’s red carpet.

(Source: klix.ba)




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