Girl with Down Syndrome presents her Exhibition 

srmaThe first independent exhibition by Semra Hodžić-Maksumić, a girl born with Down Syndrome, titled “Semra’s World of Butterflies” was opened on Thursday in the Culture Center Mostar.

According to exhibition organizer Jasna Jugo, the sister of the author of this exhibition, they managed to present works that Semra has been keeping jealously keeping – her butterflies. More than 200 of them were displayed and Semra made them in a special aquarelle way.

“We managed to share her world of butterflies with the people of Mostar. Our aim is to enable the people with Down Syndrome to show that they can express their creativity, bring it out into the world and encourage other people with developmental disabilities to recognize creativity within themselves,” Jugo emphasized.

Jugo also added that their aim is to open one atelier for Sembra, where she and several other people could work.

Master of sciences in psychology, a professor at the University Džemal Bijedić, and an educator for fractals and art therapy Belma Duvnjak said that fractal method is something new in BiH and that through her therapeutic work with educators, through workshops, Semra applied the method of art therapy.

“Each one of her drawings is a fractal, something that is beautiful as a whole. However, every time we zoom in on something like that, we get a whole that makes sense,” Duvnjak said.

Each fractal is actually a picture of a soul.

“When we look at her butterflies, we will see they are all painted in different colors, the colors are distributed, and in every part of that butterfly we can find harmony, which tells us that Semra lives with satisfaction and peace and that her soul, mind and body are in harmony,” Duvnjak concluded.

The exhibition was organized by the “House of the open heart” and Creative corner “Semra”, in cooperation with the Culture Center Mostar and the website


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