Girl died after falling from a Carousel in Rogatica

A 15-year-old girl, of S.B. initials, died from injuries after falling from a carousel in Rogatica. As confirmed for Avaz news portal in the Emergency Center of the Cantonal Hospital in Gorazde, the girl was brought to this institution without signs of life.

“At around 9 pm, we were informed by colleagues from Rogatica that the girl had fallen from the carousel, that they tried what they could, they wanted to send her to Foca, but they asked for help here. I organized my team, we called an anesthesiologist, we were all ready and waiting. However, when they arrived, the girl was without signs of life. We tried resuscitation measures, we did our best, but unfortunately without success,” said the doctor on duty at the Emergency Center of the Gorazde Hospital, Mladen Sefer.

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