Ginex to open 120 New Workplaces in 2017, Salaries already increased

ginex-companyCompany Ginex from Gorazde became one of the leading companies in the field of military industry in BiH in 2016, which is the biggest business success since its establishment in 1998. Revenue of Ginex amounts to almost 38 million BAM, while more than 80 % of production is placed on foreign markets.

“Ginex covers the market in more than 40 countries around the world. With the development strategy of Ginex until 2021 were introduced guidelines for future work, given that the company has become the leading manufacturer of these products in Europe and got closer to global competitors, US companies in this field SISIAJ and Federal, which was our goal,” said Munevera Foco, Director General of the company.

“We are planning to hire 100 to 120 new employees as we will invest in new technologies and new capacities in the coming year,” said Foco.

To recall, due to great business success Foco received recognition for the best manager of Eastern and Central Europe in 2016 and that it came at the right time.

“I am pleased with the achievements, but I think we can do even better. For me and my team there is no sick leave, the word impossible, nor any excuse. Ginex is doing well, but we need to work even more. Last year, the administration workers had agreed not to increase salaries until we realize the positive trend of growth and development and that after half a year we sit down and analyze the results. And we did it like that. We achieved outstanding business results and increase salaries, and with an increase in other business indicators employment is increased as well. In an advertisement for recruitment we had 800 candidates registered and this is a sign for us that we are desirable employer. People are leaving their jobs in other companies and want to work in Ginex. I am glad when we are recruiting new people, and when we have possibility to award scholarships,” said Foco.

Today in Ginex are now employed mainly young people.

“They are the future of BiH and they can lead it better. They do not need to think about leaving BiH. Going to the world is one solution, but not the best one. Not everything is dark and negative in BiH. There are companies like Ginex and there will be more of them to create the same conditions for all children, but they will open up opportunities to be happiest when you are building your country. I told the youth that Ginex will always give them a chance. My wish is that companies start to announce a contest for scholarships for young people of various professions,” said director Munevera Foco.

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