Gigapixel Panorama as the Best Way to Promote the Town of Stolac

Stolac Gigapixel panoramaBy continuous following of trends in the online presentations on the Internet, the Touristic community of the Herzegovina – Neretva Canton recognized the effectiveness and the real power of using modern technics while creating touristic presentations on the internet.

That is how the first (ninth in total in the canton) Gigapixel panorama of Stolac was made. This serves as an extra promotion of the touristic potential of the natural beauties of B&H and helps those who want to find out more while researching information on the net.

You can watch the Gigapixel panorama of Stolac by clicking the following link:


“Gigapixel panorama of Stolac represents one of the best ways to promote important touristic sites across Bosnia and Herzegovina. The personnel of the TC of the HNC hopes that certain activities related to it will improve the web presentation of Stolac as well as touristic values which were so far hidden from larger internet audience. This audience is in fact the target group the TC of HNC wishes to communicate with.” – pointed out the director of the TC of HNC Andrija Krešić.

(Source: Klix)

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