Gift of Citizens of Visoko to their New-old Mayor: Amra Babic is our Tito!

amra-babicReactions on convincing victory of Amra Babic in elections for the Mayor of Visoko are still present.

Unlike previous elections when she won the position of mayor as a member of the SDA, this time Amra Babic won against competition as an independent candidate.

People are congratulating the new-old mayor from the entire country and even from abroad.

One citizen of Visoko handed an unusual gift to the new-old mayor – Tito’s painting that he kept for 40 years!

Dinka Omanovic, head of the cabinet of the mayor of Visoko, captured the moment of handing the gift.

“Amra Babic is our Tito,” stated citizens of Visoko in their comments…

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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