Germany is Paradise for B&H Gastarbeiters

gastarbeiterThe B&H Agency for Labor and Employment said that last week they asked Germany to enable the employment of people in their country for jobs where there is a lack of people for those jobs.

‘’We hope that Germany will approve that unemployed people, such as those involved in the medical field, and in other areas, would be able to legally go to towkr in this country through agreements’’, said the B&H Agency for Labor and Employment.

Organizations and centers that organize German language courses said that more people are going to Germany.

‘’Our classrooms are overbooked. People come every day to ask and sign up for courses in Germany, and some of them are up to 50 years of age. Students also learn the language, and employees who go to all parts of Germany’’, said the Organization ‘Promo Tim’. They added that German language courses are organized every two months and that places are filled to capacity each time.

The greatest chances for a job in Germany belong to engineers, medical workers, IT experts, and craftspeople. Unemployed people of this type can easily find a job in Germany in rural areas. The chances for a job are less in smaller cities, because most Germans wish to live in urban areas.

Employees are paid from 800 up to 6.000 euros, and accommodation and food are in most cases provided.


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