Germany is no longer the largest Trading Partner of Bosnia-Herzegovina


Germany is no longer the largest trading partner of Bosnia-Herzegovina, BiznisInfo reports. Germany has for years been the country with which Bosnia has the largest trade, that is, from which Bosnia imported and exported the most.

Germany has maintained its position as the largest exporter and importer in BiH when the statistics are taken into consideration last year.

But the balance of power is slowly but surely changing, so if one looks at the trade by month, it can be seen that Germany has lost its position of main partner at the end of 2019.

Namely, in December, exports from BiH to Germany amounted to about 104 million BAM, which was about 30 percent less than in November.

In the same month, BiH exported the largest amount of goods to Serbia, amounting to 122 million BAM, which is 16 percent more than in November.

This means that Serbia overtook Germany and became the largest export market for BiH goods. As for imports, goods worth 180 million BAM were imported from Germany in December, bringing the country to third place. Most goods in that month were imported from Italy – 186 million BAM and from Serbia 185 million BAM.

Imports from Italy were higher than those from Germany in November, which shows that this was not a coincidence. When it all came together, BiH’s main trading partner in December was Serbia, with an exchange of 307 million BAM.  The exchange with Germany amounted to 285 million BAM, BiznisInfo writes on the basis of a detailed analysis of data from the county’s agency for statistics.




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