German Company revitalized a Village near Bijeljina?

When the German company PASS, the leading auto industry producer in the world, purchased the company S.E.P. from Ljeskovac near Bijeljina, the development of this small company started progressing really quickly. Production and number of employees were doubled, new facilities have been built, and another 120 workers will be employed within the next three months.

The company employs a total of 184 workers at the moment. They are producing parts for the flow of fluids in cars, reservoirs as well as car parts and they export all of that on the world market.

“I graduated from the School of Economics and I got my first job here. It is not difficult, our colleagues are very nice, they help us all the time”, said Zorica Jovanovic.

They have ambitious plans for the next year as well.

The production in the newly built production hall should start in March next year.

“That means additional new 120 workplaces. The main goal of this company, PASS, is to reach the figure of 1,000 workers, said Rado Maletic, the Director of PASS, Bijeljina.

Machines for new production facilities have already arrived from Germany. From the company PASS also announced the possibility of relocation of facilities from Poland to Bijeljina, which would also mean opening of new workplaces.








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