German Company “Forschner” to invest in Kalesija?

April 4, 2018 1:00 PM

The director of the German company “Forschner” Zdenek Zamanek and the owner of the company Publicum Mustafa Stukan held a work meeting with representatives of the Municipality of Kalesija and the Government of Tuzla Canton.

The main topic of the meeting was investment in the area of Kalesija and Tuzla Canton. The company “Forschner” expressed the desire to invest in this municipality, where they would build a company for manufacturing cables for the automotive industry. As they noted, around 1,000 employees should be hired in this company.

Prime Minister Suljkanovic introduced potential investors with all the benefits and incentives that Tuzla Canton offers to its investors.

Minister of Economy Osman Puskar promised his help as well, and he noted that the Tuzla Canton recorded an increase in foreign investments in the past two years, and he introduced the investors with programs that the Government of TC realizes with the aim of encouragement of the opening of new workplaces.

Mayor of the Municipality of Kalesija introduced the Prime Minister and potential investors with the politics of the Municipality when it comes to business entities and he noted that the Plan of Incentive Measures has been adopted, and therefore the new investors have the option to receive funds that will help them at the very beginning of their business operations.

The director of the company “Forschner” thanked the Mayor and Prime Minister for their reception, and he noted that owners will be introduced with all the benefits of investments in BiH and that they will make a decision as soon as possible. They already have their branch offices in Albania, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Turkey.








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