German Companies Have Always Found A Way to Come to BiH

ulrike maria knotzThe German Ambassador in our country Ulrike Maria Knotz announced in an interview for “Dnevni Avaz” that the international community is following the current efforts of the relevant institutions in BIH with great care that are devoted to the fight against corruption and organized crime.

Knotz also strongly underlined how it is important that in one country, governed by the rule of law, and BiH aspires to be such a country where no one is above the law. She said that the police, prosecution and courts must do their jobs without political pressure, as well as its own political agendas.

“Much like in Serbia and Croatia, and in BiH there are representatives of the judiciary and the police who are serious in their intents in the fight against corruption and abuse of office, and who are trying to do their work conscientiously and independently and to take this country forward. In order to give these people support, a vigilant civil society is especially important. Nonprofit organizations, which publicly criticize the wrong type of development, offer important contribution in strengthening the credible rule of law’’, said the Ambassador of Germany.

She said that Germany and BiH are economically connected, since Germany is BiH’s second most important trade partner, the most important buyer of goods produced in BiH and represents a substantial part of private investment.

“Of course, there could be more German investment. BiH is not a poor country; it has economic potential that is worthy of attention, raw, untapped energy resources, interesting strategic location, and, above all, a quality educated and valuable labor force’’, said the German Ambassador to BiH.

According to her, German companies always find a way to come to BiH.

“Just in the last few weeks, we were happy with the whole new series of investments. As an example, I will name the new production manufacturing facilities “Henkel”, IMEX, “Muhlbauer” and “Caparol”, or the opening of retail outlets such as “Deichmann” and “Bauhaus”. These are all important signals to other potential investors, because contractors rely less on what politicians tell them, or diplomats. For them, what is important is the experience of their colleagues. And they, simply, must be good’’, assessed Knotz.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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