Geneva DCAF Will Work On Study of Implementation of Reforming B&H Security Sector

vojni povjerenikB&H Parliamentary Military Commissioner Boško Šiljegović met yesterday with representatives of the Research Unit of the Geneva Center for Civil Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) Vincenzo Scherrer, Isalin Thorens and official of the OSCE Mission to B&H on issues of parliamentary oversight in the defense sector, security and intelligence Jasna Dragičević.

Representatives of international organizations spoke to Šiljegović on a project study of the role of OSCE in reform of the security sector.

It was stated that Switzerland will take over the Chairmanship of the Organization for Security Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in 2014, and that, in this regard, the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided that the Geneva DCAF would do a study on the implementation of reforms in the security sector in a number of countries in which the OSCE has its missions, and B&H is one of those countries.

It was pointed out that the establishment of the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner in B&H, with the basic mission of protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms of the B&H Armed Forces, is one of the best examples of positive implementation of reform in the defense and security sector in B&H.

The Parliamentary Military Commissioner of B&H thanked representatives of the Geneva DCAF and the OSCE Mission in B&H for its extraordinary effort and commitment that these institutions have had on the overall field establishment of military oversight of the defense sector and security as it exists today in B&H.

Special gratitude was expressed for the generous support that this organization provided in the last years in establishing institutions of the Parliamentary Military Commissioner in B&H, and expressed satisfaction with the fact that this support be continued in the same capacity, announced the Press Office of the B&H Parliamentary Assembly.

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