General Masovic took over the Leadership of the Joint Staff of Armed Forces of BiH

An official ceremony of handing over the duty of the Chief of General Staff of the AF BiH between General Ante Jelecic and General Senad Masovic was held in the House of the Armed Forces of BiH.

Minister of Defense of BiH Marina Pendes stated that this is a really important event in BiH, especially for this ministry, because it testifies the process of democratization of our society and the ministry.

General Jelec noted that he is proud of being the leader of the forces that were doing good and represented interests of BiH in the world.

“We responded to the elemental disasters including floods, fires and snowfall. We are very happy that the community has accepted us and is satisfied with our work. We directed all of our activities on the process of strengthening the armed forces and getting closer to our society, in order for BiH to accept AF BiH as its own and to expect help whenever it is needed at all levels of government,” stated General Jelec.

He also noted that they participated in peacekeeping missions and responded to the challenges of preserving peace and stability and they also expanded their involvement in the missions of EU.

“I’m leaving this position satisfied because we implemented everything we have planned, or we at least started,” said Jelec.

The new Chief of General Staff of AF BiH General Masovic said that the important fact is that AF BiH have continuity and that an intense period is ahead of them, during which is expected an important improvement of their capacities, equipping of units and the start of the first annual cycle of reviews, i.e. the activation of MAP.

(Source: M. N./Klix.ba)


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