“General Assessment of mine suspected Areas in BiH 2018-2019” Project officially started

In accordance with the provisions of the project “General assessment of mine suspected areas in BiH 2018-2019”, jointly conducted by the BiH Mine Action Center, the Armed Forces in BiH and the NGO Norwegian People’s Aid, with the support of the EU, in period 08-26. October 2018, BHMAC and NPA organized training aimed to capacitate people from survey teams to efficiently implement standard operating procedures and use of appropriate techniques and tools required for fieldwork. Training will also enable people from executive planning teams to organize and implement measures and activities of the general assessment of mine suspected areas according to planned project tasks. Training is organized in the facilities of the Rajlovac Training Center and NPA Blagovac base.

Additionally, training will enable the adequate preparation of a monitoring team for the implementation of quality control measures and documented results in accordance with the prescribed procedures and best practice applied to control this type of activity, enabling the BHMAC structure to successfully monitor the implementation of measures and tasks, within the internal control of the survey teams.

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