Gazić and Kalajdžisalihović at Breithorn and Headed Towards Matterhorn

324px-BreithornBiH mountain climbers Armin Gazić and Haris Kalajdžisalihović went to Switzerland where they made the final preparations during the weekend before the ascent of the Matterhorn, one of the most challenging alpine climbs.

The suitable weather conditions is ideal for these two young adventurists, who were in Breithorn yesterday, at 4165 meters high, which allowed them for a better acclimatization before the final path for their career climb.

The climbing of the Matterhorn will be carried out over the long, northern rock,a dn an ‘operation’ that will last one day is planned. This will be followed by a several hour stay at the top of 4.478 high of the Matterhorn, which is located on the border of Switzerland and Italy.

Portal, as a media sponsor, is included in the project “Climb the Matterhon”, and in the next few weeks the preparations and organization can be followed here.

In the next few days, will report on the “Mission Marathon”.


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