Gavrankapetanovic: No matter how difficult the Situation is, the Health System is strong and can withstand

At yesterday’s session of the Canton Sarajevo (CS) Assembly, the director of the General Hospital “Prim. Dr. Abdulah Nakas” Ismet Gavrankapetanovic also addressed the audience and sent optimistic messages to them with a report on the situation in this hospital.

Gavrankapetanovic stated that, no matter how difficult the situation is, the health system is strong enough and can withstand all of this.

“There are 47 patients in the covid wards, and also we have opened the seventh ward with 24 beds, so what we need now is medical staff, and most of all nurses. We have 12 patients in intensive care and two on a respirator. The new strain leads to faster development of a severe clinical condition, but no matter how difficult the situation is, the health system is strong and we will bear up this, ” told Gavrankapetanovic.

He added that there is no need to further spread panic, which itself is bad for health, and he also said that they are cooperating with colleagues from health centers and that a lot will depend on the upcoming days.

“No halls represent the solution. What we need is a sufficient number of oxygen sites. Placing patients in some halls can have catastrophic consequences because you could have a worsening of the clinical picture within an hour. I repeat, the medical staff, especially nurses, are crucial, ” Gavrankapetanovic emphasized with the message that this city had many difficult situations in its history which it overcame, so we will overcome this as well, Klix.ba writes.

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