Gas Supply in Bosnia and Herzegovina is stable


Director of BH Gas Jasmin Salkic stressed on Thursday that gas supply in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity is stable, and all obligations have been paid since it is 100% imported energy source, according to Fena news agency.

“Teams are divided according to instructions of the Federal Civil Protection Crisis Staff to maintain technical things of the gas line itself. Very important information is that the supply is stable since the gas consumption has reached high record in April despite warmer weather,” Salkic explained.

As positive news, he said that there would be a proposal to reduce the gas price for industry by about 40 BAM per thousand cubic meters, after informing the supplier “Gazprom – Export”.

Salkic explained that further calculations will continue for citizens and distribution.

He added that the team is resolving the issue of transport through Hungary with the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and  hope that by resolving this, they will have the opportunity to lower the price towards the distribution companies.


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